Bulletproof glasses

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Whether it is a window, a shop window, or even a podium, our bulletproof glasses provide reliable protection even against the highest caliber weapons. Protect your home or business with the safest quality glass ever. You can choose from several options in terms of strength and design.

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Technical information:

The products of Laszlovari Luxury Line meet the NIJIIIA and NIJIII military standards and thus provide maximum protection for businessmen, politicians, diplomats, police / military officers, bodyguards and other VIP's in case of armed attacks:

NIJIIIA: .44 Magnum, 9mm SMG, SJHP: 15,55g (240gr): 426m/s (1.400ft/S), 9mm FMJ, 8,0g (124gr): 426m/s (1.400ft/s).
NIJIII: 7.62mm FMJ (US MILITARY M80), 9.7 G (150 gr.): 838 m/s (2,750 ft/s) 223 Remington (5.56mm FMJ), 30 Karabiner FMJ, 12-gauge.

Safe like steel

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