About us

The mark Laszlovari

The Laszlovari Luxury Line is an Austrian-Hungarian premium mark, which produces luxury bulletproof items for businessmen, politicians, army-police officers, secret services, VIP's and their children. We collected the best materials available on the market to develop our products to be the most powerful protectors for you and your family. That means we tested all components as carefully as possible: the long-wearing leathers, strong sewings, easy-to-open locks, and the high-end bulletproof inserts, which are constituting one highly reliable unit. Although we take armors only from best military level manufacturers, we make also our own in-house testings to keep our development on the highest level based on our own practical experiences too. We keep testing till the most optimal results will be reached. Therefore you can be sure that the product you are going to order for you, or your children, is one of the best that you ever can buy. The products for kids are particularly strong to exclude any possibility of damage. We take care for your whole family trustworthily. In one word: we keep you and your loved ones safe! 

Csongor Laszlovari T.
CEO, owner


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