Run, hide, fight

What to do?

If there is an active shooter event and you have one of our products, you have a huge advantage in survival, but never underestimate the danger of such situations and always follow the rules of RUN, HIDE, FIGHT. Even if you have bulletproof protection, you can still be shot, as sometimes happens with members of the armed forces, so you should always be careful until the shooter is neutralized. Not only for yourself, but also for other people. 


if you have a clear route to an exit without crossing the way of the criminal(s), run as far as you can in a safe distance from the shooter(s). Don't waste your time by collecting your belongings. You can do it, after the conflict has been solved. Leave those that can't or don't want to run away. It might sound ruthless but it doesn't help if you both die. You can help them later by informing the police about their location. On your way out help others to escape and warn bystanders about the danger. Don't build a group: that would make one easy target! Once you are 100% safe, call the police.


if you can't get out, try to hide. Lock the doors, or block/barricade them. Turn off any lights. Silence your phone! Don't forget: help is usually a few min- utes away. Choose an object that covers you from the sight of the attackers. Don't move and remain as silent as possible. In most cases active shooters don't try to enter places that are difficult to access. They are looking for easy and random targets and know they only have a few minutes to move fast before the police or SWAT team arrives.


if there is no other option but to face the criminal, fight for your life, but only as a last resort. Try to surprise the attacker(s), for this is your best chance to save your life.Try to stop them as a team where one targets his legs, for example while the. others take his weapon. Turn uncommon objects into weapons, like a fire extinguishers, scissors, chair, metal pipe, heavy objects - anything to help protect yourself. Don't mind the aftermaths, your job is to stop a potential killer by any means. Don't forget: this is about your life! If you have one of our products with, use it as a shield, or cover!

Take care!

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